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Byron Bay Pt. 2


Sorry, its been so long, been super busy with our tight schedule... Anyway, more on Australia

So I awoke on Tuesday morning to clear skies and warm tempurature. FINALLY! I got up took a shower, ate some breakfast and headed to the beach. Our hostel was so close to the shore, just a short walk through the woods and you were there! I walked down to Fisheads and got some Fish and Chips for lunch and ate it on the beach. Watched some aussie guys play a game of football, that was fun :P
Byron Bay

Byron Bay

Byron Bay Hippies

Byron Bay Hippies

So I tanned and read on the beach for a couple hours, took a quick dip in the water before I headed back to the hostel. I grabbed some different shoes because I wanted to walk up to the lighthouse by sunset, and it looked decently close. I took off down the coast and as the sun was setting. It was a good hour walk when i finally got to the cliffs and the sun was going down, on this side of the bay there were so many surfers as the waves were so big. I asked someone which way the lighthouse was and he pointed me over the hill. After another 30 minute walk I rounded the corner only to see that the light house was yet on ANOTHER huge hill, way to far for me to get to before dark. So I took some pics of the cliffs at light house and turned around to go back. It was still an awesome walk, and one of the best sunsets I have seen!
Byron Sunset

Byron Sunset

After showering and getting ready, I met up with the Canadians and their friend Luke and we played some drinking games before we set out for the bar Cheeky Monkeys. We got on the hostels transport van and had a wild ride over there with some very enthusiastic german guys. Once we got there we met up with Tim Tam (Tamir) who was in the room with us in Surfers Paradise. It was our hostels night so we got free beer, Tamir made quite a collection.
Vancouver pride

Vancouver pride

Tamir and his Beer

Tamir and his Beer

Later in the night the bar held a competition for a free skydive, and had anyone who wanted to play to stand up on the main table, Me Meghan and Chole got up there along with some other guys and we had no idea what we were in for. Lets just say it was a heads or tails coin toss game, but if you lost the round, you had to say goodbye to a piece of your clothing.... yeah, thats all I'm going to say ;)

After a VERY interesting game I had another beers with the guys, then took Meghan back to the hostel because A; she was feeling sick, abd B; I had to be up at 6am to catch my bus to the Surf Camp. I got back packed up all my stuff and crashed.

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THAT'S ALL YOU'RE GONNA SAY???? grrrr tell us more!

by Jess

why would you leave me hanging like this!!! NOT COOL!!!!!! NEEEEEDDDDDDD INFO!!!!!!!!! NOWWWWWW

by eric

haha, there are some things you just shouldn't blog about ;)

by Neato24

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