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Friday the 3rd and Saturday the 4th

OK, now its time for some Aussie goodness...


On Friday morning I landed in Sydney, what a change from China!! Everyone was so nice and I had to keep myself from giggling every time some one talked to me (Especially the guys, they all call you 'Love') My first thing to eat here was a chicken Fillo ( i think that was what it was called). It was this flakey pastry thing with gooey chicken inside, soooo tasty. After a short flight to Brisbane, I bought a train ticket to the main station and was on my way. The trains here are pretty easy to use, but are a bit pricey. After walking for two blocks I was at my hostel. It was in a row of different backpacker hostels so there were lots of young people hanging around. Since I booked so early online, they upgraded me to a six person girl room, right next to the bathroom. I said a quick hello to my room mate in the room at the time then passed out for 3 hours. I woke up around 6 and decided to peak around the hostel, see what kind of stuff they had. They have a computer room, outdoor pool and huge lounge area, a bar, cafe and a movie theater. Plus an amazing view!
First Night in Brisbane

First Night in Brisbane

I meet my other two room mates, Steph from Canada and Jenny from Ireland, then I grabbed a bite to eat. I hung out around the hostel until around 9, then I head to the movie theater (They call them cinemas here) to watch X-Men: First Class. As I told Yushin and Jess, I'm afraid of making a fool of myself in an english speaking country, and sure enough, I couldn't figure out the straw holder and the GORGEOUS aussie guy working the register asked if we didn't have straws in states. Mortified. I should have gotten a glass of wine to nurse my pride. That's another thing about the cinemas here, all sell booze and you can bring it in to the theater, awesome! I loved the movie, it was a bit meladramatic, but hot damn, Magneto was fiiiiiiine. Mmmm. Anyways, I went back to the hostel around 11pm and passed out again.


I slept for about 12 hours but still felt sooo tired. I chatted with my roommates a bit before they headed out and I stumbled up to the kitchen to eat some fruit and surf the web. Later in the afternoon I felt well enough to go exploring, so I followed the main road into the city. They city here is really laidback and nice, its strange how clean the air here is and how nice the weather is, never been in a city like it before. I crossed the river over to South Bank where they usually have a man made beach that's really nice, but since all the floods this winter, it was closed. You can still see the effects of the flood in the river. its up really high and all brown and murky. People that I talk to say its usually pretty clear and blue. There were still plenty of things to see. I walked along the whole bank, there were street markets, forest pathways and some cute coffee shops. It was nice and relaxing. Then I headed back over the bridge.


Me and the River

Me and the River

Broken Beach

Broken Beach

I walked down the Queens street mall, which was an outdoor mall, then went on the hunt for a coffee shop. I found a cool one in what was once a really old hotel. I got a latte and sat for about an hour just reading my book. It was sooooo nice.
First Coffee Shop

First Coffee Shop

Mmm, Latte

Mmm, Latte

I headed back to the hostel and took a nice long shower. I ran into Steph and Jenny again and got dinner with them. They were both very nice and we got long really well They both work here in Brisbane and have been looking for long term housing for awhile, right after they tell me about this, a landlord calls them and tells them they can take a room in this boarding house nearby. They were both super happy so we went out for drinks to celebrate. I finally got my first drink in Australia! First we got drinks in our hostel, everyone was already really drunk there and you couldn't understand what they were saying, especially with their accents, so we went to another hostel bar further in town. There we got hit on by my first aussies! It was pretty ridiculous, I was so amused. The first guy did magic tricks on us, they weren't that good, he left soon after. At the end of the night 2 more guys tried their luck with us and were VERY amused that I was from California, and were trying to teach my 'slang' from Australia, but my room mates said it was bull. The bar closed and the two guys disappeared into the night. The three of us head back to the hostel and pass out.

That's all for now, I will write about my awesome Sunday and Monday later. Goodnight!

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Your roommates sound nice! How's the booze down under??

by Hparrish

Very cool Kailey!! I talk to people all over Australia, Tazmania, and New Zealand on my radio from here in my man cave/garage :). Very cool people down unda! Please take more pics and post here. Take care and be careful. Allie says HI!!!! :)

by sotox4

Australia sounds awesome!!

Hostels have bars??

by Jess

Wish I were there! Sounds amazing!

by daisy

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