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Last Days in Taipei

On to Australia

Last days in Taipei...


When we woke up we headed into the city for jess and yushin to pick their photos out. All of their pics looked amazing! It was fun helping them choose which ones to keep. Their boys are going to be very happy with them ;P We went to go get coffee after since we were so sleepy and it had started raining. Just drank and chatted for a while.

Afterwards we went to this famous dumpling place that has a store in Arcadia, Ding Tai Fung I beleieve it was called? Well the dumples were pretty delecious and we got some tatsy veggies too. It was a good last lunch.
Ding Tai Fung Dumplings

Ding Tai Fung Dumplings

Matt Yushin and the TDF Dude

Matt Yushin and the TDF Dude

After that we went looking for some last minutes gifts for people, we decided to hit up the underground mall. Found lots of good cute things for gifts. We were walking by the claw machine games and I just HAD to win before I left. So the claw machines in Taiwan have the CUTEST prizes, the machines themselves are white and soft pink and have the best fun little stuffed animals. The employees open the glass and rearrange the animals after some one is done playing. So it's almost impposible to get them. But I thought I would try a new tactic by just knocking the llama into the hole instead of picking it up. Sure enough, first try, I got the little sucker! We all were so excited, must have looked like big dorks.
Me and my llama

Me and my llama

After that we headed back to the house so matt and Jess could pack for their flight. It was sad that they were leaving, I didn't want the trip to end. We decided for our last dinner together we would do shabu shabu, individual hotpot. We walked to a place close to Yushin's house and it was pretty cheap and VERY tasty. We all got lamb and tatsty veggies, it was a great last meal. After we waddled home, Jess and Matt had to quickly gather up their things and we called them a cab to take them to the bus station. We said our goodbyes and they were on their way.

Yushin and I laid around for awhile and then we headed down to Ximen one last time to do some last minute shopping. We found some pretty decent cheap clothing stores and I bought a cute bunny T-shirt dress as well as a doodle hoodie. Of course we eneded the night with Mister Donut. I'm going to miss those donuts....
Sad cheese guy

Sad cheese guy

Last Night in Taiwan

Last Night in Taiwan

As I promised Yushin, we had a VERY long night of girl talk. Now we can hold each other hostage with our secrets, bwahahaha!


Woke up around 10 without getting very much sleep and started packing. Yushin's mom made us a tasty noodle breakfast before I headed out. It was night having a homecooked meal for my last bite of food in Taiwan. Then I gathered my stuff and we took a taxi to the bus station that would take me to the airport. I said my good byes to Yushin and her mom, the 45 minute bus ride to the airport.

It was pretty easy checking in at the Taipei airport, everyone was really friendly and helpful. They even had free internet! Boy, was that not the case at the airport in China. After the 2 hour flight, we get off the plane and I follow the signs for international transfer. When I get there the booth is closed and someone told me to just go into the normal immigration line. The line is sooooooo long. I talked to this family who lived in Taiwan but were going to LA to visit their kids grandparents. They said their children were born in Taiwan and they could speak perfect chinese but they were white. They were very nice and helped me out with the signs and stuff. When I get up to the counter the lady looks at my passport and takes it! Tells me to go sit on the side area with a bunch of other westerners. None of us really know whats going on and about 20 minutes later a guy comes back with all of our boardingpasses and passports and hands them out, but then realizes they forgot to stamp our boarding passes so he takes them back. They then heard all of us to this security check where these very unpleasent women gave us pat downs while they checked our bags. VERY stressful, but finally made it through and went to my gate to sit for FIVE HOURS, ugg. Finally got on the plane for a 9 hour flight. I slept alright but of course it wasn't the best sleep. After watching the Mechanic and eating a meal we landed in Sydney....

And I will continue my Australia leg of the trip in the next entry. I'm not sure how I can get photos online from here, but I am looking into it! Also send me your address if you want a post card! Until next time!...

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I think we had DTF then coffee. BTW Kailey doesn't fully express how epic her llama win was. We all screamed (Matt included) in the middle of the busy underground mall when she won it. ^^ Wheeee thank you for delivering on the girl's night promise =x

by yushin

Wow, sounds like you last night was fun. I don't think I would have been able to handle all that airport stuff and flying. Glad you made it to Australia safely. Be careful and have fun!!

by Mom

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